2 Hot Tips on Where and How to Start Affiliate Marketing

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Have you been wondering about where and how to start affiliate marketing? Are you feeling like, more I dig into it more I get confused? You are not alone!

In fact, there are many people like you are on the same boat. Ironically, the internet offers so many options for starting affiliate marketing that it is very hard to judge what is actually going to work. On top of that you need to be able to separate the legit from the scam!

The good news is that finally you have landed on a site where you will learn how to draw an end to the clueless and endless journey through affiliate marketing and paint a real picture of the freedom.

2 hot tips on where and how to start affiliate marketing presented here are very simple: one, learn affiliate marketing fast and two, make it happen like a successful project.

You know about “affiliate marketing” part but the “project” part may sound new to you. If you keep reading, you will get a clear idea.

You may also have heard that you can do affiliate marketing in your spare time, no investment is needed, no inventory is needed and the bonus is there is no headache of customer service. On top of that cash just keeps flowing while you sleep!

You can even start this money machine without spending any, isn’t that cool?

Then, why doesn’t everyone do it?

Well, many people tried it and many still are, but most of them get bogged down by the complexity of the process. They get confused in what needs to be learned and how things to be done. They get overwhelmed and tired and then they give up.

But, if you follow the freedom formula as presented here, you will do well.

If you have no idea what affiliate marketing is, then find out here what it is. If you already now already then keep on reading.

Hot Tip #1- Where to Learn Affiliate Marketing From the Right Sources, Fast and Free?

First you will need to know where to start affiliate marketing. The answer is start learning from the right source.

Let’s define what is the right source. It must have at least 3 things: has excellent track records, offers structured lessons for fast learning and it is either free or charges next to nothing.

Is there such a learning source?

Of course there is- it’s called Wealthy Affiliates. Honestly, we learned a lot from here when we almost gave up. Let’s review Wealthy Affiliate program – what this learning machine has to offer for you.

But keep in mind, affiliate marketing needs patience and hard work. You can’t get rich over night through this business model.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Excellent Track Records

Wealthy Affiliate not only leads the affiliate industry, it also innovates and propels it. That is why over 50 thousand independent authority bloggers rank Wealthy Affiliate as the “go to” platform for new and advanced marketers.

wealthy affiliate track records

The picture is pretty clear from the track records as you can see above.

Still many people ask- Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam? Some marketers would tell you it is scam in order to sell you get rich quick schemes. Just be aware of it and make informed decisions.

Do you want more evidence?

Sure, why not? We would suggest to become a member for free and get a the first hand experience. You can get you free domain, build website and launch affiliate marketing all for free here.

On the Job Training Structure for Fast Learning

The learning structure here is similar to on the job training. That means it is designed in a way that by the time you have finished the beginners training, you have a simplified model of affiliate marketing business is up and running.

The way it works is- you will read a lesson or watch a video and then you will be asked to do some tasks. For example: after reading about niche selection techniques, you will be given a few tasks to help you select your niche. Similarly, after reading about the step by step activities on keyword research, you will be asked to actually do it and then use it to write your blog post.

This learning method of combining theory and practical is a very effective way to fast forward through a complex subject like affiliate marketing.

Below are the list of 12 topics for beginners training (5 levels) and advanced training (7 phases) for your quick review:

Beginners Training: Online Entrepreneur Certification

  • Level 1- Getting Started
  • Level 2- Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website
  • Level 3- Making Money
  • Level 4- Mastering Social Engagement
  • Level 5- Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

If you seriously do the tasks in all the 5 levels, in no time, you will get going with your start-up affiliate business.

The structure is so simple and effective that you will learn really fast. There will be additional tips on fast learning as you keep reading this post.

Then, if you like you can decide on taking your business to advanced level.

TIP: Choosing a very simple wordpress THEME for your first website is the key for fast learning.

Advanced Training : Affiliate Boot Camp

  • Phase 1- Getting Your Business Rolling
  • Phase 2- Content, Keywords and Conversions
  • Phase 3- Giving Your Site Social Value
  • Phase 4- Get Visual. Get Aesthetic. Get a Brand Through Media;
  • Phase 5- Knowing Your Audiences & Catapulting Your Referrals
  • Phase 6- Bing, Yahoo, & The Power of PPC
  • Phase 7- How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns

Each of these 12 topics cover 10 lessons each. Altogether there are 120 lessons to learn. However, you will never get bored as you will be doing tasks for building your affiliate business and website throughout the training.

You can always skip a lesson if you already know the topic or wish to come back later.

In short, it is a pretty good training structure for fast learning. You you disagree, please drop us a note, so we may offer you some support.

You Can Start for Free or Pay Next to Nothing

Did they ask you for thousands of dollars to teach you affiliate marketing and you ran away? That’s exactly what I happened to many of us! Then we joined Wealthy Affiliate and found hope!

Wealthy Affiliate offers free membership and you can stay free for as long as you wish and do affiliate marketing, unless you wish to get access to the premium materials and services.

wealthy affiliate membership options

The table above is self explanatory to know what bang you will get for free or for a few bucks per month.

TIP- if you pay at once for full year premium, the cost is $359/ year and you will save $251/ year.

Hot Tip #2- How to Make it Happen Like a Project?

Second, you will need to know how to start affiliate marketing. The answer is- start by making a project plan.

Making a plan is the very important step of a real life project that moves fast.

They say- fail to plan is a plan to fail.

You may start without a plan, but then that’s the recipe for disaster as most people do exactly that.

If plan it like a project and you’ll have a good handle on exactly what needs to be done, or how long it will take, and how much it will cost.

Let’s dive deeper into these three basic elements of your affiliate project.

Create a Master List of the Work Packages

The big picture of what you need to do is divided in 4 pieces.

  • Choose an Interest
  • Build Website
  • Attract Visitors
  • Earn Revenue

It sounds pretty straightforward. But each one of these pieces have many many smaller pieces that will overwhelm you until you make a master list of all the big and small activities.

Let’s take a quick look how the master list may look like.

Choose an interest:

You will start your affiliate marketing in an area that is your favorite so that you will stick to it the longest and chances of success will be the highest. Isn’t that the whole purpose of looking for the freedom?

But it is easier said than done. Choosing your area of interest or a niche can be tricky and a lot of time can get wasted through the process. Here is a great way to choose a niche quickly:

  • List a few areas of your interest or niche that you know a lot about or you have passion to learn
  • Find what problems you can offer solutions for each potential niche
  • Google about competition in each potential niche
  • Research the affiliate commission rates of each potential niche
  • Assign numbers of priority to each niche and finalize which one you wish to attack first

Build Website:

Building a simple website is easier that what you may think. However, it also depends on what you would like to achieve. The best way is to start with a simple one with least features and keep adding them over time. This how we suggest you do it:

  • Brainstorm and select a domain name and register it
  • Purchase hosting service where your blog post/ review content will reside
  • Install wordpress and plug-ins as taught in Wealthy Affiliates
  • We can’t emphasize this enough, install a very simple wordpress theme in order to make your life easy
  • Start creating content after content, e.g. blog posts, reviews, videos etc

Attract Visitor:

Imagine you running an ice cream stand in the middle of African desert. Although ice cream would be great thing to cool down the desert heat, there is no one passing by to check on your ice cream. As a result you won’t have any sales.

That’s why you need traffic to your website and the way you make it happen is like this:

  • Research keywords on Jaxxy (free tool on Wealthy Affiliate) and choose the best keyword that most people are searching for and not too many websites are offering content on
  • Ember your preferred keyword in your content
  • Generate traffic on your site by sharing your content on social media
  • Launch campaigns and contests on social media and/ or by using solo ads
  • Collect leads and email addresses to build the email list

Earn Revenue:

This is the most interesting part of this game. Here you will start feeling that you are in business! You will looking for products and services that will offer most value for your customers and your business. Then you will promote them in order to help people and at the same time earn revenue.

Here is how you will get it done:

  • Research on products and services offering affiliate program in your niche
  • Analyze the value each product or service offers for the buyers
  • Analyze the affiliate commission they offer
  • Write honest review posts for the products and services you choose
  • Share your review posts with your subscribers on the email list

And… BOOM! Sales starts happening… Cash starts flowing into your PayPal account…

The above list is still an outline of the activities you will perform, not the master list. Some of these bullet points will have one or two activities and some will have more than ten.

Keep in mind that you will not need to do each of the above activities. For example, you may have a niche already chosen! Or you may find such a great keyword and rank on google so quickly that you won’t need to buy solo ads.

After you learn the stuff from Wealthy Affiliate you can prioritize what you will do now and what will come later.

So, the size of the master list will vary from person to person.

Allocate Your Time for Each Work Package

Once you have all the little things you will be doing on your master list, you will estimate how much time you will need to complete them and compare against how much time you can afford to spend everyday or every week.

TIP: We suggest you make an exhaustive master list, so everything is on the table. Then you will have a clear idea how you would like to prioritize the activities.

You may pick and choose things you would like to do based on the time you can afford. For example, you may start with just an 1 page website that can be built in no time.

Basically you need to learn how you can start making money with minimal effort. See some results, get excited and keep growing.

TIP: Do not try to eat the elephant at once, break it down into pieces and you’ll have fun.

Research if Any Work Package Needs a Budget

You are reading this post to make money, not to lose. You need to do a little window shopping to know what is available for you at what cost.

There are many online learning programs, tools and services that are designed to rip you off and there are some who will genuinely help you. You will need find the best deals from the market

For your convenience, we have done a basic comparison of the market average prices against Wealthy Affiliate premium membership.

Key Elements You Will Need Market Average Wealthy Affiliate
1) Unlimited Training $1000/yr$359/yr
2) Managed Hosting $500/yrFree
3) Keyword Search Tool $1000/yrFree

Sparing time to look for freedom is challenging as you have only so many hours a day to work and rest. So you will need a solid plan to be really efficient in your effort to launch and run an affiliate marketing business.

It is true that in order to have a plan you’ll need to know the stuff. That’s where the Wealthy Affiliate comes in to help.

You must be thinking if someone could hand a template plan that you could use to build your own plan.

TIP: The Affiliate Project is preparing a affiliate project plan template for you. If you sign up to receive our post notifications, you will be notified.


You have been looking for the freedom and affiliate marketing is a great way to discover the freedom, because it can be started while you are still keeping your day job.

Having a project plan with a master list of activities, an estimate of time needed and an estimate of costs will help you take baby steps for faster results.

If you keep jumping ships to learn affiliate marketing and if you do not have solid plan for execution, you will not make money as you may wish. That’s why it is our strong advice that you settle for Wealthy Affiliate as your learning platform.

By the time you learned the basics of a project plan, your affiliate marketing business also have earned you some revenue on your way. If you face challenges in earning or learning, the folks at Wealthy Affiliate has many gurus who will extend their hands to help you.

And of course, we are on your side too!

Would you like to start your affiliate marketing now? If you do, create your free account below:

Please note that in the future if you purchase any product from Wealthy Affiliate, we will get a commission.

Thank you reading all the way!

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